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Why study media?

The following is an example post for students of my introductory media theory courses:

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A few years ago, while speaking to other students at a graduation, I jokingly remarked that due to my programme of choice, every movie I watched, every video game I played, and even every podcast I listened to could be considered research. I was only half joking, though. I had, after all, been studying mass communication.Time and time during my studies, I was able to illustrate concepts and deepen my discussion of theory by using examples of everyday media. I explained convergence and consolidation using Sony’s virtual monopoly of Spider-Man-related electronic media in the early 2000s. A page of Vladimir Putin memes sparked a discussion that I later referenced in an essay on public relations. Critical observation of media has always reaped rewards for me professionally, whether as a teacher, a former reporter, or a freelance writer. And media studies has remained a fresh and exciting field to me because it’s based on an ever-developing, ever-changing media landscape.

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What makes your work worth sharing?

In our first class, I told you that bloggers and vloggers should have a unique voice. There should be something special about what they share, or how they present it.

This is what I meant.

Let’s talk about what we can learn from Zach Anner’s YouTube channel.

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Social Media Project Example – Heart Talk and Challenges Associated With Scoliosis

Lest you think that only the women of COMM 350 courses past have produced good work, I present today a double feature of notable work from male students. While the execution wasn’t as solid as other projects I’ve highlighted, these two projects stood out because they forced the fellas to open up about very personal challenges they’ve lived with all their lives.

In Challenges Associated with Scoliosis, Ewan Headley first set out to share information and advice on scoliosis, a spinal condition he lives with. However, a post or two in, Ewan realised how much he enjoyed sharing his experiences growing up with (and receiving treatment for) the condition. His stories, the most compelling of which recounted the sacrifices his family had to make to pay for his treatment in the US, proved to be much more focused and interesting than his original plan. Ewan also started a Facebook group for people living with scoliosis in T&T.

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Building a foundation

Building a blog has always been a love-hate process for me. Those first few steps into a new project can be invigorating; you get a brief, vivid glimpse of the project’s real potential.

But if you’re anything like me, you then mentally exhaust yourself by spending an inordinate amount of time on (relatively) minor details like the site’s name, description and template.

I think I’ll just dive straight in this time.

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