PR and Marketing

We spent most of the PR and Marketing session discussing the broader implications that social media has on advertising, marketing and public relations. We discussed two interesting cases that highlighted both the opportunities and the challenges that new media brings to those fields. Although I expect that most of you, hardworking and resourceful as you tend to be, have already done extensive research on those cases, here are a few follow-up reports on both of them:

Here’s a story and light analysis by the Globe and Mail on Samsung Canada’s highly successful use of social media…and childish drawings of imaginary animals. This CNET News report on the Nestle social media meltdown of 2010 gives a blow-by-blow account, while 1GoodReason delivers an in-depth analysis of what the corporation did wrong, and how they could have capitalised on the initially negative press.

Moving forward, Andrew Hanelly of the McMurry/TMG marketing firm shares this Simple Formula for Social Media Engagement…and he emphasises a central tenet of social media engagement: You’re a Human, Act Like It.

Social media users tend to underestimate the reach and potential impact of the words and pictures they post online. This PR practitioner learned the hard way that a simple (but ill-advised) Tweet can damage your professionally and personally. Keep this case in mind, as we’ll be exploring the topic of (unwarranted) internet outrage in a few weeks.

We didn’t speak about Yelp for very long, but I did mention that the small-business-focused customer review service has caused some bacchanal in the past. Here’s a little taste of that.

Finally, here’s a little preview of the topic we’ll be discussing soon. Have you ever wondered why people share so much of their personal lives with others on Facebook?

See you in class!


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