Adding links to your blog posts

You’ll often need to include links to other pages in your blog posts, and there are two ways of doing that. Simply pasting a URL into the body of your post looks terrible (especially if the URL is long), and forces readers to go through the extra steps of copying and pasting the URL into their browser instead of simply clicking on the link. Adding links seamlessly on to text makes for a much better-looking and efficient reading experience.

Adding a hyperlink in WordPress

Adding a hyperlink in WordPress

The process is simple and virtually identical in WordPress and Blogger. While drafting your post, simply highlight the word or phrase you want to make into a link, then click on the paperclip-looking link icon at the top of the editing box. Paste the relevant link into the prompt, and you’re good to go. You’ll be given the opportunity to make the link open up a new tab, which is a good idea, as you don’t want your visitors to leave your blog before they’re finished reading the post.

Here’s a short video of the process in Blogger:

Here’s a quick tip: You can add links to images as well, in much the same way you add links to text. By default, images in WordPress and Blogger link to the full-size versions of themselves. However, as in my post about header images, you can make images link to specific web pages.

Finally, don’t overdo it! Provide links where necessary, but don’t depend too heavily on them. You run the risk of losing your reader before she or he finishes reading your content, or simply making them feel like your post comes with too many virtual strings attached. So use links, but use them judiciously.

P.S. If you’re thinking of using this to add links on your blog posts to direct readers to your Facebook page, Youtube channel etc, there’s a much more efficient way of doing that. We’ll deal with widgets and gadgets later this week.


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