Starting from the top: Customising your Header image.

Time to get down to business.

Quite a few of you have put together your blogs and drafted your introductory posts well ahead of the deadline, and that’s a great start. I want to use the next few posts to cover a few of the more useful settings and features in your platform of choice.

We’ll start at the top, with your header image. For quick reference, the header (also called banner) image is that blue sphere on a black background at the top of my blog. Depending on the blog template you’ve chosen, you’ll have to use a similarly-formatted graphic or photograph. Templates usually come with a few header image options, but you might want to use one of your own.

My original banner image choice, from Free Web Headers.

My original banner image, from Free Web Headers.

The graphic design students will undoubtedly have fun designing perfect images for their headers. There are great solutions for the rest of us, however. I found my banner image at Free Web Headers after searching Google for “free wordpress header images”. I looked through the categories for a media-themed image that works well with my black background, and originally settled on that image of satellites above. It didn’t fit well into this template’s banner dimensions, however, so I ended up going with the current image. Feel free to crop, flip and customise your chosen image as you see fit. Header images are typically much wider than they are tall, so avoid using portrait-styled images.

You can find other free banner/header galleries at Free WordPress Headers (they work anywhere), Free Web Page Headers, Theme Headers or Smashing Magazine. Or just search Google for free headers or free backgrounds. There’s a lot of great work out there. Just remember to choose something relevant to the theme of your project.

Editing your header on WordPress

Editing your header on WordPress

To modify your banner image in WordPress, click on Appearance, then Header when you’re in your dashboard. That page should give you the suggested dimensions for your image, so you can crop as necessary.

Editing your banner on Blogger

Editing your banner on Blogger

To do the same in Blogger’s dashboard, just go to your blog’s Layout page, and edit the header directly.

You can follow these steps to modify your blog’s background image or color as well. The free header sites often offer matching backgrounds as well, allowing you to really change the look of your blog.

Youtube channels, Facebook groups/fan pages, Twitter and Instagram feeds, and Tumblrs all come with this option as well, so there’s a great opportunity to use the same banner image across all your different platforms for uniformity and brand-building.


2 responses to “Starting from the top: Customising your Header image.

  1. Jennifer Mc Intosh

    Mr James…..thanks a mil…….this is so very exciting. I can’t wait to get going.


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