Social Media Project Samples – Spanglish Dija

As much as I appreciate social media projects that focus on broader topics and cater to (potentially) large audiences, some of the most interesting projects I’ve seen have been smaller-scale and personal.

Khadija Collins decided that spanglishdijascreenshotshe’d use social media as a language-learning tool. She’d signed up for a Spanish course that semester, and she thought it would be helpful to connect and practice with Spanish speakers. Her search led her to Busuu, social network focused exclusively on connecting language-learners. She also watched instructional videos on Youtube and visited other blogs focused on Spanish language and culture.

Khadija documented her experiences on her own blog, Spanglish Dija. She shares her thoughts on (and love for) various aspects of Latin American culture, discusses the Spanish influence in Trinidad, and recounts steps in her journey as a language learner. The blog also profiles the Spanish-learning resources Khadija found most useful and interesting, making it a helpful source for Spanish learners itself.

She was also the first student to create a video for her project. Later projects would make more regular use of videos throughout the semester to complement written posts, but Khadija’s was a wrap-up and reflection.

Spanglish Dija started a bit of a tradition in this course, as students have used the idea as a model to assist in their courses in photography, creative writing, graphic design and visual art. Some of you can consider integrating your other courses into your project, and document your use of social media as a learning tool.

A good project, all in all, and the first of many interesting personal blogs we’ve seen in this course.


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