Working on WordPress and Socialising SOJACS

Let’s try something different this semester.

I’ve decided to integrate my work on SOJACS’s social media outlets into the COMM 350 course delivery. Essentially, I’ll be working alongside you on a project of my own, learning the ropes and sharing my observations on a regular basis. I’m not exactly new to this, but I am treading some new ground. The SOJACS Facebook group will be the largest (and likely most active) that I’ve run, and this will be my first WordPress site.


My posts will describe the various steps I take in “socialising” SOJACS, and I’ll discuss choices, challenges and results. I plan to try out a few content ideas here as well. Those posts will fall under the Socialising SOJACS category, and will be tagged appropriately.

This blog will also act as the main platform for your blended material, so expect posts featuring course-relevant information and resources. Remember that discussion is encouraged (and rewarded) in this course in particular, so please feel free to leave feedback or questions in the comments below each post, either here or on the course group.

This should be interesting. Good luck on your own projects!


6 responses to “Working on WordPress and Socialising SOJACS

  1. All the best on your project as well Sir.


  2. I know it’s late from the first time it was read but I am happy I read this back today!


  3. Wow I like this, good luck with your project. I think I may consider WordPress…


  4. Nerissa Dookhantee

    this is interesting


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