Social Media Project Samples – Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert, a film and music review blog, easily earned two thumbs up when it debuted in January 2014. Run by Jesse Bonterre, Sarah-Joy Loney, Sadeisha Folkes, Keneisha Sorzano and Rene Esdaille, the Spoiler Alert crew produced a series of videos in which they irreverently shared their views on a surprisingly diverse array of media offerings.

The project’s group members were clearly enjoying themselves while putting in the work, and it’s almost regrettable that they stopped posting at the end of the semester. Most of the group members are graphic designers, so output on all three platforms looked fantastic. The banner from their WordPress blog worked particularly well on their Youtube channel.


Spoiler Alert was the first project to exclusively produce video content. And they put in the effort necessary for this type of video content as well. By incorporating footage custom graphics and footage from the movies/videos, their reviews accomplish more than simpler vlogs.

Lessons to learn here: The students chose something exciting that they were all interested in, and, most importantly, made the group format work for them. Their camaraderie is a big part of what makes the videos entertaining. They also worked very efficiently. They produced months of content during what looks like a handful of group sessions, reviewing multiple movies and music videos per meeting.


This is excellent work, and even if it’s not exactly your style, you should take note.


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